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Welcome to the website for the Holy Obedience Ministries

Our broadcasts on Blog Talk Radio have been a great success our stream is available all over the world. the feedback that we receive is very positive.

Currently our broadcasting is on an as inspired basis. To listen to our archived episodes please log into 


Our next live broadcast will be May 5, 2017 at 11:00 am EDT

The title of that episode is: Is Your Mother In-law The Devil?

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We are currently developing future programming

Subjects as inspired by the Lord

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Check out our TV efforts on younow.com/brocharity ,  We are currently producing  programming  on a as inspired basis.                                     Tune in and watch our on demand episodes

The Lord leads us to the various subject matters and guides us through each broadcast to effect His will. Though some of the subjects may seem controversial  and agenda driven, we assure you that the purpose for all our broadcast is nothing more or less the serving the will of the Lord.

Please include us in your prayers.

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Our listeners are always included in our prayers

May The Lord Bless You All!!!